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L I S T E N  &  R E A D

On this page you will find information about my book "Time to take notice!". We will also be publishing regularly a new podcast on the subject of coaching and communication. It is an English-language and a German-language podcast.

Hör endlich hin! -

Time to take notice!


Isn't it true that we all dream of a better life?

Do you?
If that is this case, then this engaging book is just right for you. It contains numerous tips on self-improvement and clearer messaging - knowledge gained from life, for life.
It's now time for you to take notice and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What can help me to look to the future with motivation and a clear vision?

  • What can help me to communicate better and with greater purpose?

Albert Klinkhammer explains his Mission 2020 and the thoughts that prompted him to formulate it. He shares a wealth of observations of real life and provides answers based on his lived experience, including as a manager who left his native Cologne to spend many years abroad.
Listen carefully to your inner voice while reading the book and allow the author's ideas and takeaways to serve as a catalyst for a better life.

Source:, Sandra Schild

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