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Your personal life drivers (PLDs) are unique and reflect your view of reality. They describe how you intrinsically interpret the nature of things and compose your world view. You too can get into the flow!

KC² inspires and enables you to mould and maintain your unique personal life drivers (PLDs) in good shape.


The impact of the PLD method has been refined and verified in more than 3,500 assessment and coaching interviews. For reasons we often question, forces lying dormant within us influence why, and how energetically and fervently, we pursue a particular course of action.


Together with KC², discover 

  • what your motivators are

  • how to heed the PLDs of others without trampling on your own

  • how to communicate with others so that your messages meet with acceptance

  • what your real needs are and, especially, how to achieve your goals



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John and his unfulfilled PLDs

John was a troublemaker, regularly attracted attention for the wrong reasons, and had very few admirers. Analysing his personal life drivers revealed a strong need for external validation, a desire to compare himself with others, test his strengths and come out on top, and a craving for security. He’s now being coached with the aid of Wing Chun. His trainer gives him the validation he needs – and by challenging himself and competing with other practitioners he can gauge his strengths and chalk up victories. Practising a martial art form is giving him the security he sought for such a long time. John is now a well-balanced person, and his academic grades are improving week by week.

What makes you blow your top?

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